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Where to Start

Live chat has been around for a few years now, but is only now seeing its full potential as more and more consumers shift away from paperwork and telephone calls toward digital interaction with businesses. There are several chat solution providers on the market, but how would you know who to choose and what to [...]

Simplifying Your Business

Go Global

The Internet means that your customers can arrive at your website from anywhere in the world, speaking any language. And all those customers are potential revenue for you and your business, so don’t let language be a barrier. Many chat providers have considered the global stretch of the web and thanks to technology; the translation [...]

Tailored for Your Needs

Artificial Intelligence

We’re not talking robots here… but we are talking clever technology that means your chat facility can field questions, talk to your consumers, communicate between systems and provide other advanced capabilities taking the pressure off you to have a large pool of resource to operate chat. Talk to us to find out more about artificial [...]

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